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Want to be a world class speaker that can truly move an audience? Lisa Nichols gives a powerful speech on how to become the best motivational speaker. Experience a full transformational session with Lisa Nichols in her FREE masterclass 👉

In this inspirational talk, Lisa Nichols talks about how you can overcome your fear of public speaking and gain the self-confidence you’ve always dreamed of, in order, to become a world class story teller.

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In this video, “How to Be a World Class Speaker that can Truly MOVE an Audience,” Lisa Nichols CEO of Motivating the Masses, one of the top training and development companies in the world and best-selling author, talks about how you can become a motivational speaker that can move any audience.

02:30 The context of speaking
02:53 How to tell stories
07:57 Never stop moving no matter how many times you get hurt
16:29 3 things to do while telling a story
19:16 Key questions most potential speakers ask
30:40 Answering questions from audience
33:38 Story of Lisa’s swimming
48:16 Story of Lisa’s stuck in a traffic jam




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